Bluthochdruck und Koffein

Eine amerikanische wissenschaftliche Untersuchung zeigt, daß das Risiko durch Kaffeegenuß einen Bluthochdruck zu entwickeln oder zu verschlechtern über die Jahre gering ist.
Coffee lntake and Risk of Hypertension  :
The JMichael]. Klag, MD, MPH et al.;  The Johns Hopkins Precursors Study .
Arch Intern Med.2002;162:657-662
Background: Whether the increase in blood pressure with coffee drinking  seen in clinical trials persists over time and translates an increased incidence of hypertension is not known.

Results: Consumption of I cup of coffee a day raised systolic blood pressure by 0.19 mmHg (95% confidence interval, 0.O2-0.35) and diastolic pressure  by 0.27 mm Hg (95% confidence interval, O.15-0.39) after adjustment for parental incidence  of hypertension and time-dependent body mass index, cigarette  smoking, alcohol  drinking,  and physical activity in analyses using generalized estimating equations. Compared with nondrinkers at baseline, coffee drinkers bad a greater incidence  of hypertension during  fo1low-Up (18.8% vs 28.3%; P=.O3). Relative risk (95%confidence interval) of hypertension associatedwith drinking 5 or more cups a day was 1.35 (O.87-2.08) für baseline intake and 1.60 (1.06-2.40) for intake  over follow-up.After adjustment für the variables listed ave, however , these associations were not statistically significant.

Concluslon: Over many years of follow-up, coffee drinking is associated with small increases in blood pressure,  but appears to play a small role in the development of hypertension.

Reference: Bluthochdruck und Koffein